I´ve created this section to answer some of the most asked questions and issues. 
If you participate in my hunts for some time you already know this for sure. But if you are new in my hunts you might find them useful :)

There are 3 sections in this page:
★ Designers Questions/ Issues
★ Hunters Questions/ Issues
★ Bloggers Questions/ Issues

In case you don´t see your question answered here you can always contact GardeniaEvents Resident or drop her a notecard at the In-world Office Mail Box.


1 - Do I have to pay anything to participate in your hunts?
No, you don´t. Unless you want a sponsor spot you don´t have to pay anything.

2 - What does it mean that the hunt is 1L?
It means that everytime a hunter picks your gift you receive 1L.

3 - I have a mainstore and several satellite stores. Can I participate in the hunt with all of them?
Yes you can. You just have to let me know so I can add that information in the Locations & Hints page.

4 - Can I use several hunt objects in my store?
Yes you can :) Also let me know their hints and locations when you fill in the Hint & Picture notecard.

5 - I don´t have an In-world store. I have a Marketplace store only. Can I participate in your hunts?
Yes, you can :) All my hunts are for both stores. Instead of using a hunt object you´ll use the hunt object image. I explain it better in the MARKETPLACE STORES - Instructions notecard that you´ll find in the hunt packs I´ll send you.

6 - I have an In-world store and a Marketplace store. Can I participate with both stores in your hunts?
Yes, you can :) You just have to let me know of that when you fill in the Hint & Picture notecard so I can add that information to the hunt´s locations & hints page.

7 - I applied as a Sponsor. What now?
I´ll then contact you and send you the hunt first pack. Inside you´ll find a notecard called Sponsor. Please fill it with all the requested information and send it back to me (GardeniaEvents Resident).
Your store will be placed in the first spots of the hunt and your store information will be displayed in our website and in-world office.
Also as a Sponsor you have the right to send notices in the  Gardenia Events  Group (This is the hunters group. Please check the rules page to know how to use that group).

8 - Do I have to create something exclusive for the hunt?
No you don´t :) You can re-color or re-texture something you already have for sale in your store.

9 - I don´t remember if I applied to a certain hunt or not. How can I know that?
Well, if you weren´t contacted 2 things might had happened: you didn´t really applied or SL ate the im and the hunt pack I´ve sent you.
On any case you can always contact me directly and I´ll check it for you. 

10 - I applied for to the hunt but didn´t received any message or hunt pack so far. What happened?
When I open applications for a hunt I often have the first pack ready to send but, as I like to send the hunt object in the first pack so everybody has time to get ready, sometimes I´m still working on it and it can take me a couple more days to get it ready. 
If you noticed that the hunt is about to start and you had no news from me, and unless something really bad happened to me in RL and I can´t login to take care of things, you can and should send me a message to understand what happened.
I don´t exclude anyone from my events and for that, when you apply to any of them, you can consider yourself accepted.
Also, if you are already in the Gardenia Events - Designers group you can get the hunt packs from there. I always send them in the notices to make sure everybody gets them.
If you don´t remember if you applied to that specific hunt please do contact me so I can add your store to the hunt lineup.

11 - Inside the hunt pack there are 3 hunt objects with the letters F, M and U. What are those?
I usually use 3 objects in my hunts to make things easier for hunters to know what exactly they are picking. Each hunt object in the pack I´ve sent you has a letter in front of it:
F = Female
M = Male
U = Unisex
Use the one correspondent to the gift you created or will create. Then when filling the Hint & Picture notecard use the information correspondent to what object you use.

12 - The hunt object is no modify. How can I change it´s name?
When you open the hunt pack in your inventory you´ll realize that the hunt object is no modify. That is due to the script inside of it. The object itself is fullperm so you can change it according to your needs.
All you have to do is rezz the hunt object and change it´s name.
If for any reason the hunt objects after you´ve rezzed it is not fullperms please let me know. My SL viewer loves to change my permissions to it´s default permissions. 

13 - How do I add my hunt gift to the Hunt Object?
First of all please pack your gift(s) inside a single box (the hunt script will give hunters a single box and one box only). If you put for example 2 boxes inside the hunt object it will give hunters only one of them.
If you find in the hunt object content a script that means that you don´t have to set it for sale as the script already does that. You just have to pack your gift into a single object and add it to the content.
If the hunt object content doesn´t have any script that means that you have to set it for sale. You´ll find all the instructions in the IN-WORLD STORES - Instructions on how to set hint & hunt object notecard.
If you have difficulties or need any help seeing if the hunt object is ready you can always contact me and I´ll check it for you or give you a hand :)

14 - Can I change the hunt object name to a totally different name?
Yes you can but please let me know of it´s exact location so I can check it. Otherwise it will be hard for me to see if you are ready to start the hunt.

15 - I don´t see any landmark to put in the hunt object so hunters can move to the next store. Did you forgot about it?
No I didn´t forgot about it :) I don´t use landmarks at all as stores are always moving and some stores might not be ready on time. I use a webpage for that and it´s easier for hunters to get all the information they need and for me to update it. It wasn´t functional at all to keep asking designers to change the landmark inside the hunt object.

16 - How can I know how many people got my hunt gift?
That is easy. Just click on the hunt object and you´ll receive in the local chat a message similar to this one: THLH - #00 {Your Store Name Here}(M): Sales: 0
Where it says Sales: it should appear the number of people that visited your store to get it :)

17 - Why do I have to take off the first hunt poster and rezz the one that goes with the Final Pack?
Well, I always ask that because the text displayed by the posters is slightly different but the link hunters receive is the same one. But instead of reading something like: For more informations about this hunt please visit... they will read instead: For all the (hunt name) locations & hints please visit...
Some hunters ask me where do they see all the hunt locations & hints because when they click the hunt´s "old" poster they don´t realize that the link that they receive is actually the link to the webpage where they will find that information.

18 - Do I have to use the Hint Giver?
No, you don´t. The use of the hint giver is optional. Hunters can get all the hunt information in the Locations & Hints page.

19 - How do I add my hint to the Hint Giver?
After rezzing the Hint Giver right click on it and chose Edit to open the Edit menu.
Click the Content tab
Double click the HINT GIVER script to open it
where it says: "Place your hint here!" write your hint there leaving the " "
Click on Save
When it says Save complete close the script window.
Your hint giver is ready to be used!

20 - I don´t remember if I already sent the Hint & Picture notecard.
If I didn´t sent you an im confirming that I received it you can always send it to me (again).
If you already received the Final Pack you can check the Hunt Situation Spreadsheet. I try my best to update the information daily to make things easier for both of us.

21 - I´ve sent the Hint & Picture notecard but Gardenia didn´t sent me any im confirming that she received it. How can I make sure that she received that notecard?
I always send designers an im confirming that I´ve received their notecards. But as we all know sometimes SL plays tricks or eats stuff and things are lost in the process.
You have 2 options: You can contact me directly or you can check the Hunt Spreadsheet (I´ll send in the Final Pack a notecard with the name: See your Hunt Situation Spreadsheet).

22 - I already have my hunt gifts(s) ready and still see that I´m not ready at all in the Hunt Situation Spreadsheet. What´s going on?
Probably I didn´t checked your store yet. You are also welcome to contact me and let me know about that.
The reason why I always ask designers to have the hunt gift ready about 1 or 2 days before the hunt starts is to help me check each single store and to make sure everything is ready and working well. Also some designers like to have things ready earlier and other like to place the hunt object filled only in the first day of the hunt. 
Anyway I always check stores several times before the hunt starts and will keep on checking the ones that weren´t ready on time. The same way I´ll keep updating the hunt´s Locations & Hints page so hunters know what places are available for them to visit.

23 - I´m moving my store to another sim but I´m participating in the hunt already. How am I going to do this?
Well, that´s easy. Please fill in the new information in the Store Moving notecard that you find inside the pack I´ve sent you and send it back to me so I can add the new slurl to our website. Otherwise the hunters will have a hard time finding your store.
Also if you move the hunt object to another place and you change the hint please let me know of that so I can change the information in the Locations & Hints page.

24 - How do I contact bloggers and send them my hunt gifts?
Well, that´s easy. You have 2 options:
- Contact them directly. I´ll send our Bloggers List in the Final Pack and you can send them your hunt gifts directly. Always make sure to let them know to what event the gift you are sending them if for. Some bloggers cover many events in SL and they appreciate all the information you can give them. That way when they publish your creation they´ll refer not only your store but the event you are participating on.
- Or you can send a notice in the Gardenia Events - Designers group with your hunt gift attached.

25 - Can I send them other of my creations and other event´s gifts?
You are free to do has you please. I know some of the bloggers on that list cover other events as well and I´m fine with it. That list works as a way to connect bloggers and designers and you both are free to keep in touch aside from my events :)

26 - As a designer in the Gardenia Events - Designers group I can send notices and use the group chat. Can I send notices about my store and about other events I´m participating?
No. Please the Gardenia Events - Designers group is only to be used to comunicate everything related to the events I´m running. Please do not use that group notices or chat for promoting your store & events.

27 - I´m having a hard time in RL and I don´t know if I´ll get things done on time to start the hunt. What should I do?
You are the one that knows if you can get things done on time or not. I usually give designers some extra time so they can get things ready. I understand that RL can be a pain sometimes and things can get complicated for you to accomplish SL appointments. 
All you need to do is talk to me and let me know your situation. Promise I don´t bite or will be mad at you. I always appreciated people´s sincerity and frontality and upon that we´ll figure out what you can do. 
If for some reason you decided to quit I´ll totally accept that. As I said before you are the one that controls your life and your time. I´m not gonna exclude you from future hunts/ events due to the fact that you didn´t accomplish one of my events.

28 - There is something I don´t like or think that could be done differently.
I appreciate every single suggestion and point of view. It will help me get things better. 

29 - All the hunt objects you provide are fullperm. Does that mean I can use them on the events I organize or sell/give them to others?
I´m not the best mesh creator (yet :P) but I put a lot of work creating everything from scratch and that includes the hunt objects. I give them fullperms so it´s easier for designers to work with them. They aren´t meant to be sold or given away or even to be used on some other event someone decides to organize. 
Unless I previously authorize their use for other purposes they are to be used only on my events. 


1 - How do I get the hunt gift?
If you touch the object nothings happens. To get it please right click on it and chose the option Pay. A window opens and click L$1 to get the gift.
This happens because the hunt object has a script inside that allows designers to know how many hunters got their gift.

2 - I went to a store casually and found out the hunt object. Where do I find all the other hunt locations?
Easy :) Click on the hunt poster and open the webpage. You´ll find in there all the information about the hunt.

3 - How do I know that the gift is for male, female or unisex?
I use 3 hunt objects in my hunts to make that simple. You just have to check the instructions from the Locations & Hints page. 
Every single hunt I make sure to place the 3 hunt objects images on that page explaining which one is for male, female or unisex.

4 -  I landed on a place that there is full of stores around and all I see is a red arrow.
Well, that means that the sim has a landing point and you have to follow the red arrow to go to the store. 

5 - I went to a store and didn´t found the hunt object in there.
In the Locations & Hints page the stores that have SKIP THIS STORE FOR NOW aren´t ready yet to start the hunt and if you visit them you´ll not find any hunt object there for you to pick.
When they are ready I write NOW AVAILABLE in front of the store name so you know that the gift is now available and so you can go and get it. 
If the store you visited didn´t had any of that and you

6 - I landed on a place that has nothing in there.
Designers sometimes move to another place and forget to send me the new store location. If that´s the case please let me know and I´ll place the new information as soon as I have it.

7 - The Slurl in the page doesn´t work.
Sometimes when I copy Slurls from the Map it gives me something like this: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/209/130/29
As much as I´m careful placing the information in the hunt page sometimes I might not notice that something is missing on the Slurl. Again, if that´s the case, please let me know and I´ll correct that.
I appreciate every suggestion and error pointed. That´s the only way for me to make things better :)

8 - There is something I don´t like or think that could be done differently.
I appreciate every single suggestion and point of view. It will help me get things better. 


1 - What are the requirements for being in the Gardenia Events Bloggers list?
☀ We accept all kind of bloggers and that includes male and female bloggers.
☀ You are totally free to work with other event organizers or stores. 
☀ You don´t need a lot of experience to work with us.
☀ Your reviews must be sincere and cover the store participants that sent you their hunt gifts (I understand that sometimes you might receive something you don´t actually like and for that reason, and when I first contact you, I´ll give you a notecard where I ask for addictional information about your style and what you would like to blog about. That way designers will know what you´ll be more interested on posting on your blog)

2 - Where can I apply?
You can apply HERE or you can ask GardeniaEventsResident for an application notecard.

3 - Do I need to apply as a blogger for every single event you run?
No. You only need to apply once. Your name and information will be added to a list and everytime we run an event we give that list to the designers participating on them.

4 - What will happen after I apply?
You´ll be contacted by me and your name and information will be added to our Bloggers list.
Also I´ll invite you to the Gardenia Events - Designers group so you can recieve the hunt gifts and send notices telling designers about your posts. 

5 - I just blogged about a hunt gift from one of the stores participating on the hunt you are running or is about to start. How can I let the designer know that I published it?
You can use the group notices or send the designer an im/ notecard telling that you did it. Give him/her the post link so he/she can see it. Designers like to know when their creations are posted by you :)

6 - A designer contacted me and gave me more of his/her creations that are from other events or that are just new releases. What should I do?
As said before you can connect with designers aside from my events. Whatever you and the designer settle that´s between both of you :) 

7 - I no longer have time to blog and don´t want to be part of the Bloggers list anymore. What can I do?
That is simple :) You can contact me and I´ll remove your name from the list. I don´t get mad when somebody leaves. I totally understand that people´s lives and projects change and to move on sometimes we need to drop something behind. Life is just like that :)

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