In here you can read all the rules concerning:

◈ Our groups;
◈ Our events;
◈ Our hunt objects;
◈ Hunters.


Rules about how to use our groups:

★ Gardenia Events - Designers Group 
(This group is not open and it´s only for Designers/Bloggers) 

This is an invitation only group (for the obvious reasons).
Only designers that participate in our events and bloggers that post about our events have this group.
Both designers and bloggers are able to send notices and use the group chat but please DON´T use this group to advertise your store or event.
Designers can send the group gifts in the notices so bloggers can get them;
Bloggers can send notices telling designers about their posts or anything relating to their blogger activity related to the Gardenia Events.
This group is aimed only to communicate about the events we run so it´s easy to everybody to catch up and be updated about how things are going. 
If everybody starts to send notices about other things it will be very complicated to keep that communication and it will be chaotic. So, please be respectful. This is a very simple rule to follow.

★ Gardenia Events Group 
(This is the Hunters/ Visitors group)

We allow our sponsor designers to send 2 notices/day on this group but please DON´T send notices about other events in there. I understand that it´s hard to advertise events but please there are specific groups for that.
However if you are running an in-store hunt at your own it is fine for you to publish it here.
Use this group to tell hunters about your store promotions, new releases and group gifts. You can send all that information on a notecard and attach it to the notice (on that notecard you can also send the information about all the events you are running at the moment on your store).
If you have any question or doubt about if you can or not use the group to publish about something please do contact me before you do it.


★ Rules about our Hunts/Events
(These are the general rules for my hunts/events. Read them defore you apply!)

★ We accept only quality stores with content originally created by its owner (you can use fullperm stuff to create your things but the final result must be your creation. Ex. Your texture on a fulllperm outfit).

★ If you run a business in a box, freebies, stolen content please DON´T APPLY!

★ Gift(s) can be exclusive or semi-exclusive (you can create a different color or texture to something you already are selling in your store).

★ You have to rezz the hunt poster on your store and keep it there till the end of the hunt (this rule is for In-world stores only);

★ During the hunt you are required to be on - Gardenia Events - Designers group so you can keep up with all information about the hunt and for better support. If you wish you can join the group with an alt but please make sure to check the group notices regularly; 

★ You have to respect the timeline. If for some reason you can´t provide the hunt gift in time please let me know. All I ask for designers is to always tell me if they are having any issues so we can think of a solution. We all understand that RL sometimes is hard. I´m not here to complicate your life but to help. If you don´t answer my ims and notecards I´ll consider that somehow you are no longer interested in participating in the hunt and I´ll drop your store.

★ Stores that applied as sponsors and don´t pay the fee will not be considered as sponsors and will be moved to the bottom of the list. As soon as you´ll be accepted we will provide you a notecard with all the instructions on how to proceed. If for any reason you don´t receive it please let me know.

★ Please keep the hunt gift until the last day of the hunt and remove it the day after.

★ If for any reason you move the hunt object please send us the new hint so we can update it in the website

★ If you have to move your store to another place please send me the Store Moving notecard so I can update your slurl in the Hunt´s Locations & Hints page.

★ Any question or issue please do contact me (GardeniaEvents Resident). As said before I´m here to help and clarify any question you may have.


★ Rules about our Hunt/Event Objects 

★ All the objects provided in our hunts & events are fullperm but unless my approval or previous authorization they aren´t to be used on other hunts/events. 


★ Hunters

(Please read them)

❀ Please be kind and respectful with all designers. They put a lot of effort and time preparing the hunt gifts.

❀ Please be supportive and helpful with other hunters in case they ask for help in the group chat.

❀ Don´t give other hunters the direct location to the hunt object(s). If they ask for an alternate clue to where the hunt object is hidden you can give them an extra hint (but NEVER the exact location of it).

❀ Anything you see that is not right or that is missing please do contact me  in-world by sending me an im or dropping me a notecard (GardeniaEvents Resident).

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