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We care about people and we think that´s our duty to support and spread the word about some of the social projects that are running right now in SL. 
A small help can make the difference in someone else´s life! :)

XMarieX Fairport (~XM~Designs owner)

I met Marie about one year ago and for a long time she´s struggling to raise funds to get a Diabetic Alert Service Dog. Diabetics deal with a lot of health issues and a Diabetic Alert Service Dog would just made the difference on her life. She even held a hunt last year to raise funds but the amount she needs for the dog was never obtained. For that reason I decided to include her in this section in the hope that she could finally find someone that helps her. She didn´t had enough visibility last year and it would be great if she could have the dog this year. 

Visit Marie´s Store in-world:
Her Marketplace Store:

Donations can also be made:
◆ to any Wells Fargo Bank to: MUSKETEER THE DIABETIC ALERT DOG
◆ or to the Paypal account:

✿ .•:*´¨Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Project in Second Life¨`*:•.

The proceeds of their sales, and events are held in Bunny Isles and the project partners, translates into dollars that are donated to fund the "Harambee Schools" in Kenya.

SL FaceBook group:
Our SL movies:
Italia-Kenya Schools Project:
Brownsea NGO Foundation (ENG):
FaceBook page:
Harambee Calendar 2016:
Harambee Kenya YouTube:

 Our stores for Kenya Project  in Market Place
Loredana Loring
Lotrec Oh

Gaiax Destiny

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