Saturday, September 5, 2015

Twisted Tale Hunt - Accepting applications

That´s right we are preparing a new event just in time for Halloween and it will run until the end of November.
So, and because not all fairy tales have a happy ever after, it´s with great joy that we invite you all to participate on our Twisted Tale Hunt.
Imagination is the limit and we would love to see what you can create to fit such intriguing and obscure hunt theme ;)
Here are some more details for the hunt:

Hunt runs from 20 October to 30 November 2015

Hunt Cost: 1L

Application Deadline: 9 October 2015

Theme: Anything that fits the theme. You can create something related to Fairy Tales or something that fits the Halloween Spirit. You can even inspire yourself in fairy tales, super heroes, maskerade, halloween, gothic items, witches, black magic, white magic, villains, ...

Hunt Gifts: Male and Female gifts (or Unisex gifts) are welcome but you can make for one of them. Your store will be marked according as female, male or unisex.

Hunt order: We have 10 slots for sponsors and that means that sponsors will be listed first. All other stores will come next and will be placed according to the reception of the applications.

Sponsor fee is 100L and we will have 10 slots available. That means that the first 10 spots are reserved to sponsors only. Also your logo will be showing on the hunt poster and you can send notices though Gardenia Events groups. Also your store logo and slurl will be shown on our blog.

------------------------ RULES -----------------------

1 - No business in a box, no freebie stuff allowed
2 - You must have an in-world store.
3 - Your gift MUST BE ORIGINAL and made by yourself
4 - Your gift must be related to the hunt theme
5 - Your gift must be exclusive for the hunt only (we accept that you create a different texture for something you already have in your store. For example if you are working with mesh you can use the mesh base and create a new texture for it only for this hunt)
6 - Respect the timeline. If you don´t respect the timeline you´ll be dropped to the last position of the hunt. If you don´t answer my ims/ notecards you´ll be dropped for good. This rule is also applied to sponsors. If you are having any trouble please let me know.
7 - During the hunt you are required to be on - Gardenia Events - Designers group so you can keep up with all information about the hunt and better support.

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