Tuesday, December 8, 2015


This is one of the hunts we are having for February. Yes, we will be having another one too (applications will be open very soon as well).

We are the loving kind!
The kind your heart longs for.
The kind that keeps you warm and safe at night
even if shadows and ghosts torment your dreams!
The kind that whispers in your ear
just to receive your sweet smile in return.
The kind that holds your hand tight
and no matter what will never leaves your side.
The kind that wipes your tears
and immerses you in its arms.
The kind that loves you for what you are
and only wishes to spend a thousand lifetimes next to you.
The kind that lives, breathes and dreams only to love
and be loved with such intensity that makes you feel complete.
Because inside us all, our hearts beat as one in such a tuned symphony
that there is no other rhythm in the universe that sounds this perfect.
And the power of such music invade us all in such a way
that it can heal and transform even the most devious creature in the world.
Love can conquer all battles and destroy all evil.
Love can heal all wounds, even the ones from our soul.
It converts the hardships of life into sweet victories.
Even the most untammed creature bows to love.
Because where beats a heart there will always be an unconditional and instinctive desire,
a strong pasion of being that emanes from inside of us so true and pure
that there is no other energy in the world that can reach and unite two souls like this.
Love works miracles and the most amazing thing is that it lives inside us all.
Because, yes, we are the loving kind!
This is a celebration of love in all its forms and figures.Show us how deep is your love :) We would love to have you with us spreading love all around SL!

Hunt runs from 1 February to 29 February 2016

Hunt Cost: 0L

Application deadline: 24 January 2016

Theme: Love and everything related to it. Set your imagination free :)

This hunt is for both in-world and marketplace stores.

Hunt Gifts: Male and Female gifts (or Unisex gifts) are welcome but you can  make for one of them. Your store will be marked according as female, male or unisex.

Hunt order: There will be no sponsor spots for this hunt. Stores will be listed according to the applications reception.
More Informations HERE

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