Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Haunted Love Hunt is about to start

Get ready to another amazing hunt :)

Haunted Love Hunt is just about to start and once again designers did a fantastic work creating all the incredible gifts you just can´t miss.

For this hunt you can find one or several broken hearts, depending on how designers decided to place male and female gifts separated or not.
So pay attention, basically the object is the same and the only difference is on the color:

Female gift

Male gift

Unisex gift (or both male and female gifts inside)

Some stores are needing some more time to get things ready due to RL issues. I´ve put: Please skip this store infront of them so you know they aren´t ready yet.

For all the locations and hints please visit: http://gardeniaslevents.blogspot.com/p/haunted-love-hunt-locations-hints.html

Have fun hunting ;)

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